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Monday, March 21, 2011

More things I have learned

My Golding Pearl (Mavis) is a bit of a temperamental thing. She's old and as such doesn't like being overworked...pushed to her limits... as a consequence, the designs I had in mind to print on her that were moderately large just wont work.

If any more than 1/8 (possibly a little more)  of the chase is required to make impression in a solid print area),  its difficult to get a good uniform impression, and you can forget about deep impressions.

So there go those designs - never mind, I will keep the plates and use when I have a larger press (ha!) or get the wonderful Phil to print them.  I need to modify them, and get more plates made.
"For a Pearl #3, I am throwing out for discussion that an image area 1/8 of the chase size is probably closer to the ideal maximum. So, for a 7 X 11 press, which is 77 square inches, the ideal maximum would be 1/8 of that or 9.625 square inches. This would mean for example, that you could print one solid just over 3 X 3 inches, or that you could print a whole page of text, as long as the total image area of the type was not over 9.625 square inches."
(thanks to Pearlrestor list serve)

As seen below; The text will print ok and the trees from the first design, but not the hounds tooth, wood or damask. (see below) 

I am also experimenting with a press mat which is a thin (2mm) rubber mat that goes directly onto the platen and is then covered with a few sheets of plain photocopy paper and then the tympan sheet. as suggested by a member of Ladies of Letterpress.

The press mat allows you greater impression  but the downside is I have had to re level the platen to accommodate for the thicker bed. Leveling the platen is giving me grief. but that all part of the fun...isn't it?...

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  1. I manage to get a full 5x7 linoleum block to print quite nicely on my 7x11 Pearl OS 3 (1909). You should be able to do well over 9 sq. in. When it comes to strength, the Pearl slightly exceeds the Kelsey, and even a 6x10 Kelsey could handle a 5x7 die nicely. If you're not getting 35 square inches evenly or consistently, something's amiss.
    I'd bet it would be platen adjustment.