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Sunday, November 13, 2011

New things

So I have been printing like mad to the point where I think my brain has shrunk from the use of solvents - I use canola oil at the end of the day to clean up but in between for fast clean ups I am using the hard stuff.. I really must invest in some low scented/fumes or something type of clean up but is heaps more expensive...

Anyway the fruits of my labour so far...

The first is my big boys birthday invitation.
Its actually my first job that was 2 colours that needed good registration and Im pretty chuffed with the result! Printed on Crane lettra fluro white. The text was printed after using black ink on my Canon Pixma. I tried colour text but for some reason when my printer prints colour (onto this paper) at the end of the print it dumps splodges of ink right at the bottom but it doesn't do this for black text... will investigate WHY!
I am planning on creating some fill-ins of this one, plus some greeting cards...

This is my January calender page for a letterpress swap.
A group of Ladies of Letterpress (an awesome resource of friends and information) print a month each, and post enough to a coordinator (Lady Bug Press) who collates and distributed a full set back to us all.
I was kind of free-styling, using what I had, which inevitably ends up with heaps of passes. The text 'January' was a collection of wood and metal moveable type. The calender is a moveable type calender - a really nifty tool! I did learn that the more pases you make through the press, the more opportunity there is to mess one up and there fore a larger percentage of them become un-useable I am working on a formula so that I am not left short! I think I started with around 50 and each pass messed a few up , so that by the end I was left with 36 - just enough! Will need to get someone else to work on this formula... Brain has stopped... see, too many solvents!

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