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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moving a Chandler and Price letterpress to Perth Western Australia
Some useful instructions on how to transport a press.

Am worried.

Points to note:
  1. the press weighs: 2,500 lbs give or take a few hundred - make sure the tail lift is rated for this
  2. forklifts jostle and bump around so try to avoid
  3. cast iron is fragile
  4. tie down with ratchet straps
  5. close platen, fix flywheel so it doesn't spin
  6. make sure trailor/cabin has tie down points to stop press from skidding around.
  7. I think it needs to go on a pallet

Some of the key points were: dont use a fork lift, dont use a tail lift truck - both things that I need to use with transporting across the country.

Am going to post on Briar Press forum and ask for advice on transporting across the country rather than DIY transport as this (DIY) is what most of the information is about.

Blind faith...dont fail me now...

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