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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little late for Valentines but hey,...

I ran out of Tympan paper prior to this job. Many printers say they used plain paper so that's what I did. 
Found out that for me, isn't the best. 
When you miss feed and the ink gets on your packing sheets (or where a top layer sheet called a tympan should be) you have to stop and wipe it off and coat with baby powder to dry the ink and then you can continue; otherwise the back of the next card you print absorbs the ink from your miss print.
Anyway, plain brown paper seems to suck in the ink and not allow you to wipe it off very well so when I miss fed and cleaned dusted and carried on, it wasn't actually cleaned enough and around 50% of my prints were unusable because of the backsides being shadow printed Arrrrrgh! Cant source Tympan in Australia. Will try and find something called mylar or even thick tracing paper.

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  1. Hi,

    Mylar is available here

    but I'm looking at it and thinking Tympan paper would be better from

    although the price difference is massive...