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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A glance at the processes behind letterpress. - design to plates - Episode 2


The second installment of our 'how to letterpress' series (If you missed the first episode 'Mixing Ink', click HERE)
There are many considerations when designing for letterpress (for a detailed run down go HERE)

Since the polymer plates are quite an expense, I try to consider using my designs in several ways. Can the polymer plates be used as as a coaster, a card, gift tags, invitation etc? This gives me the opportunity to expand my range and re-use the plates over and over.
Once I have finalized a design on my computer, I email the file off site to have negatives or film made. Polymer plates are made from the negatives or film. Making the plates involves light, exposure, chemicals, wash off etc. Kind of - but not quite - like developing photographic film - old school!
Here is a fantastic video from the very successful team at Hello Lucky (my idols!)

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