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Monday, October 8, 2012

Why Thank you!

You may remember (well of course you do... right..) a few months back I was lucky to be published in Bespoke magazine. I wrote an article about the 'Growing pains of an adolescent business'. I was very pleased to recieve heaps of great feedback from lovely readers but one gorgeous lady wrote me this very special email.
"Your article in the current Bespoke zine is EXACTLY!!! spot on how I feel and think about my little art & craft thing, (too special to call a hobby, too young and green to call a business... yet). I am just at the stage where my stockpile is growing and will soon be ready to hold a stall at my local market. I am busy Mum of two, assistant karate instructor and administrator of my husband's Dojo, so it is very difficult trying to get my routine down pat and then stick to it. Any time management advice would be so welcome.
 The marketing article by Nikky Starrett suggests trawling the endless web of online craft info, blogs and creators to really make sure we are unique and get a good perspective of the craft world and where we fit in. Which is fantastic advice and I need to do more of it. But it literally means hours and hours in front of the screen, does it not?
I am a little relieved to have vented on you, so sorry and thank you. I don't have anyone close at hand who understands the difficulties of a creator/crafter/artist whatever I am. LOL! Rockhampton QLD is the beef capital not exactly the creative capital.
So it is an exciting concept moving from "at home" to getting myself and my wares "out there" but also a scary one.   
Your article made me laugh out loud and cry too, just a bit.  
I love what I do and that's why I do it and the rest is a bonus. thanks for reminding me of that.
Cheers, Leah
No - thank you Leigh!

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