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Friday, December 3, 2010

Scrounging for bits

Although there are heaps of letterpress bits and pieces floating around, not much is for sale in Australia online.  Most is from the US and because it all made of lead, the expense of shipping its far too excessive, even postage from the East is a bit steep.  So begging, and scrounging is the only option.  But hey it does the trick! 
My latest adventure I came away with 4 quins, a quoin key, strips of furniture (that was even cut down for me) a tin of paint that was rescued from the dumpster some spacers, tympan sheets and a new friend! If this ink works (its for offset printing but could be ok) then I'm able to go back for another 50 tins!

Boxcar Base has arrived!

My new Boxcar base ready and waiting for rollers and then its all systems go!
Shiny, clean, scratchless...

All locked up...

But no rollers to go...