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Monday, March 21, 2011

More things I have learned

My Golding Pearl (Mavis) is a bit of a temperamental thing. She's old and as such doesn't like being overworked...pushed to her limits... as a consequence, the designs I had in mind to print on her that were moderately large just wont work.

If any more than 1/8 (possibly a little more)  of the chase is required to make impression in a solid print area),  its difficult to get a good uniform impression, and you can forget about deep impressions.

So there go those designs - never mind, I will keep the plates and use when I have a larger press (ha!) or get the wonderful Phil to print them.  I need to modify them, and get more plates made.
"For a Pearl #3, I am throwing out for discussion that an image area 1/8 of the chase size is probably closer to the ideal maximum. So, for a 7 X 11 press, which is 77 square inches, the ideal maximum would be 1/8 of that or 9.625 square inches. This would mean for example, that you could print one solid just over 3 X 3 inches, or that you could print a whole page of text, as long as the total image area of the type was not over 9.625 square inches."
(thanks to Pearlrestor list serve)

As seen below; The text will print ok and the trees from the first design, but not the hounds tooth, wood or damask. (see below) 

I am also experimenting with a press mat which is a thin (2mm) rubber mat that goes directly onto the platen and is then covered with a few sheets of plain photocopy paper and then the tympan sheet. as suggested by a member of Ladies of Letterpress.

The press mat allows you greater impression  but the downside is I have had to re level the platen to accommodate for the thicker bed. Leveling the platen is giving me grief. but that all part of the fun...isn't it?...

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Blog Background

I have changed the look of my blog several times and was never satisfied. I think finally, this is the one. I'm happy with it now - it only took 4 hours (sigh!)