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Sunday, January 27, 2013

For home, from afar

A while back, I had the pleasure and honor of working with Anna from the Etsy shop of Lila Ruby King and Afjewellery.
And wow, what a job of exquisit detail!

swan river colony letterpress print artwork by Anna, printing by Fluid Ink
 Prints available HERE

Anna is a Perth girl working abroad in Greece (lucky thing!) and her artwork reflects the Australian natural flora and fauna beautifully. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts, majoring in printmaking and with a minor in painting and has since completed a Certificate IV in Jewellery Design and Manufacture. She runs 2 Etsy stores - one for illustrations  Lila Ruby King, and one for her reclaimed gorgeous jewellery Afjewellery.
"I am working towards making my business carbon neutral. My cards are all made with recycled cardstock and the majority of my product packaging is from recycled sources. Many of my materials are chosen in part for their sustainability. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable recourse, and 100% biodegradable. I recycled my own silver so I need to purchase less new silver. Most items in my shop are about half new silver, half recycled. Found objects such as twigs and pebbles I hope enjoy their new life as wearable art. I do not use a chemical pickle which is better for the environment and no doubt my health. My glass beads are batch annealed so that I only run my kiln when it is full.
Every month I purchase carbon credits to offset one tonne of greenhouse gas. I do this through Climate Friendly ( ) Climate Friendly is an organization based in Australia, dedicated to positive, meaningful and real action to address the global greenhouse problem."

These letterpress prints were printed onto 8x10 Cranes 100% cotton Lettra
It was a 2 colour job, grey and pink.
The major difficulty I had was the millimeter accurate registration needed for the stripes on the back of the numbat - very difficult.
This was also the first job I printed on 'The Admiral' His motor wasn't connected so I had to hand turn the fly wheel for each print (his treadle is missing :-(. The grey was also skip printed which means that in between prints, I inked the plates once with out impression (with the throw off leaver off) and then took a print to give a more even ink coverage as it was shadow printing on the solid sections of the leaves.
Besides that, it was a great workout, and gave me a chance to tape the rails on the press perfectly, seat them in and re-tape them to get the roller heights perfect. The press was constantly oiled to account for the lack of oil during its incarceration, and slowly - perhaps begrudgingly- was worked hard for the first time in 50 years!

As you may know from reading my previous ramblings, I am in awe (and a tad jealous) of anyone that can produce fine art and illustrations. Its a time consuming skill that I only wish I had the energy to learn! A brief look of Annas work will demonstrate she has both. Check them out! Lila Ruby KingAfjewellery. Thank you Anna!
Handmade necklace with sterling silver, porcelain and a found terracotta beach pebble

Form earrings - Stirling silver and found naturally tumbled beach pottery

Wattle birds, original ink and watercolour illustration

Snowy river damask fabric

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New additions to our range!5x7 chemistry love print

You + Me = Chemistry 5x7 print

You + Me = Chemistry C6 card & envelope

'Be Mine' White C6 card and Kraft envelope

'Be Mine' 5x7" print

'Be Mine' Kraft C6 card and Red envelope

'Hippo Birdy and Hoot Hoot' C6 Kraft cards with coloured envelopes

'Hippo Birdy and Hoot Hoot' C6 white cards with Kraft envelopes

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Luggage tag Save the date invitation

Every now and then, you get lucky enough to produce something breathtaking. This was it for me, from the moment Jacinta contacted me and shared her vision for her Save the date cards, I knew they would look awesome.
Jacinta and Travis would be getting married in Colorado USA. They both currently reside in Western Australia.
Their brief was 'floral, vintage, natural browns, warm greys and blush pink with peonies and a luggage/shipping tag' theme.
As soon as 'The Admiral' pressed into the double thick 600gsm 100% cotton paper on his first motorized run, with a blush impression of a vintage peony flower, I swooned. I had spent some time adjusting the roller height by taping up the rails of the C&P press and the impression was pretty perfect, that is the ink touched only the very surface of the plate and when the pressed closed to form the impression, the ink transferred only into the 'valley' of the impression and not onto the internal sides of the impression. Smiles all round here.
The results speak for themselves.
First press
Second press


Corners cut, Kraft re-enforcing ring embellishment and jute string

Envelopes were addressed with white calligraphy ink. Mint vintage Australian stamps were sourced - the perfect final touch.