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Monday, September 12, 2011


Gift tags for all occasions.

Buy them now in my ETSY shop here: Fluid Ink ETSY shop.

A series of 5 different tags suitable for the man in your life.
Printed on Kraft re-cycled paper, using black ink.
The images used were printed using vintage printers blocks that I scrounged the virtual world for.
They are vintage themselves. Some of them needed a heap of filing on the edges as the borders were printing as well as the image and I managed to hurt my palm from taking the chase out over and over to file down the block, put it back, pull a print, take it out file it down etc, etc...... Thanks must go to husband for allowing me to clog up one of his files in the process.

Produced by punching out of the 'reject' doily save the date cards - the ones that didn't quite turn out perfectly.

Again produced by using the 'reject' save the date branches cards- of which there were quite a few- first run and all!.