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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yes Dear, Yes Please!

Nothing is better than receiving goodies in the mail - not even shopping for it yourself and it's even better when the 'things' are a total surprise and EVEN BETTER STILL (if that's at all possible) when the 'stuff' you receive are just the perfect mix of awesomeness!

"Oh yes, I concur! How do I receive parcels of perfect loveliness in the mail too?" I hear you say, will have to wait until next time 'The Lady that blogs' AKA 'Yes Dear' organizes a 'gift swap'.

I was involved and it was a wonderful experience. Basically, you signed up with the lovely Angela from Yes Dear!: The Lady that Blogs, you are given the task to purchase for another lucky swapper with the following conditions.
  • Minimum spend $50 (including registered or express postage to ensure a tracking number), you can spend more if you wish but the tracking number is not negotiable.
  • Item(s) MUST be sourced from a handmade designer in Australia or New Zealand.
  • If you yourself are a handmade designer of course you are most welcome to include some of your wares BUT you will need to also purchase from another party.  This is about injecting some cash flow into, and creating some further exposure for, the local handmade community at large.
You fill in a quick survey asking what your fave colours are, a few fave designers and your 'style' so that the person buying for you has an idea on what you are about. 

I had the tremendous fortune of being gifted by Angela herself and whoa what a bounty! Ok I should have photographed the package all neatly wrapped up in the vintage dressmaking patten paper (tops idea - will use and make my own) but I was in a pressie frenzy and alas, it was too late... 

Included in my perfectly selected pack (photographed above) was:
B Broach from Return to sender
Infinity knit grey scarf (am wearing it now) from Burrowed
Earrings silver and mustard yellow from bellebird
Wooden car brooch by Naomi Murrell
Cute card from Nomuu
Check out the brilliant sketch of the bird - an original just for me from Angela!

Oh swooooooon

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I love you more...

New design. Plates were re-used from my 'pick your poison' coasters. This is the first of a series of I love you more... greeting cards. Printed on recycled Kraft card, size c6 (105x148mm) with Turquoise envelope.