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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Simple love and belly bands - how do you add names to a letterpress invitation?

Today I share a beautiful invitation designed by a gorgeous couple.

Once again, simple and elegant was the brief - and I must say, its also a tiny bit quirky!

This suite also demonstrates a neat work around for adding guests names to the invitation.

Which leads me to a common question:  How do you add names to a letterpress invitation?
Sometimes, only specific family members are invited to a wedding - Adults and not children for example or friends but not their plus one and other potential awkward situations. "Hi Aunty Carole, umm... it's just you and Uncle Harry that are invited to our wedding, not your 4 children and your 8 grand-children and 16 great-grand children... and no Bart the pony can not come - sorry...."

To letterpress individual names would be - well kind of out of the question - as you would have to have a plate made for each name = $$$, so to get around this, we suggest several things:
  1. Don't worry about it, each envelope can be addressed with names eg 'To Mr & Mrs Smith' or 'To Rodney & Larissa MacDonald' or 'The Brice Family', even 'Adam and Partner' (or just Adam for that matter)
  2. Leave a space on the invitation and have a calligrapher write in the names
  3. Tie the invitation up with string and add a swing tag with guest's names
  4. Use a belly band! (My personal fave)- A digitally printed belly band also keeps all items in the suite together and states specifically who is invited - Just so happens I have a great example of this below ;-) 
Don't forget to add a 'Name/s' line on your RSVP as well as number of guests, so that any red flags raised can be addressed prior to your event.

Another great idea for belly bands is to use them as place cards - wrap them about your menus and there you have it! (see last image)

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